Preschool Gymnastics Instruction

A Great Start

Our Tumblebees Preschool Gymnastics programming now takes place in our incredible gym space in our original Rec Gym building at 6904 Downwind Road.

Tumblebees Gymnastics classes at Ultimate Kids has been serving families in the Greensboro area for over 30 years in the physical and social development of its children through gymnastics and movement education. Gymnastics is the most well-rounded activity a preschooler can be a part of! With every class, your child is getting stronger and your child’s brain is developing strong circuits that are key in the early years of development.

Gymnastics builds strength, coordination, balance, self and spatial awareness, teaches sequencing and memory skills by moving through circuits, enhances motor development, develops listening and direction-following skills, teaches goal setting, commitment, discipline, safety and respect. Starting gymnastics in the preschool years helps build a solid foundation for the future!

Our goal is to be your child’s richest preschool experience!

To enroll your child, choose the program/age below. All classes are based on the child’s age as of September 1, 2021.