School-age Dance Students Extravadance at Ultimate Kids

Ultimate Dance for School-age

Choose from the Dance Gym Combo, Dance, and Dance (non-Recital) options below to choose the perfect dance class for your school-aged dancer.
Ages/Grades listed are as of as of September 1st, 2022.

School-age Dance/Gym Combo Classes

These classes offer the perfect way for your student to experience and expand upon both their dance and gymnastics skills! In each Dance/Gym Combo Class, students will receive 30 minutes of dance instruction - alternating between the styles of ballet and jazz. The other 30 minutes will be instruction in the gym which will include artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and acrobatic gymnastics. This combo class offers a wonderful way for students to experience a wide variety of dance and gymnastics disciplines.
Students in these classes participate in the Annual Spring Dance Recital.

School-age Dance Classes

Ultimate Dance's school-age dance classes include 1 hour of instruction in one or more of the dance styles below.
Students in these classes participate in the Annual Spring Dance Recital.


As our school-age students learn and perfect classical ballet techniques, they will arabesque, glisser and ciseaux their way to increased strength, flexibility, discipline, and mental acuity.


This ballet class will center on barre work and, in doing so, will quickly build skills needed to advance your dancing to the next level. Dont' think of barre as mundane. All work done on the barre improves dance ability across the board.


Contemporary dance allows the dancers to express personal emotions and explore movement that interprets the music and words. This style of dancing borrows movements and techniques from classical ballet, jazz, and various modern dance styles.


From learning the basic foundational skills of the Jazz technique including turns, leaps, and jumps to developing the flexibility and strength needed to perform advanced Jazz skills, our dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to each Jazz step.

Hip Hop

In this high-energy class, students learn to execute complex footwork with the boldness and confidence that defines this street dance style.


Lyrical takes Contemporary Dance to a new level as the student preforms expressive dances related to the lyrics of a song.


This fusion dance class will expose your middle or high school dancer to a wide range of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and jazz.

Musical Theater

Students will explore American Musical Theater and works of various actors, singers, and dancers. This class is meant to develop performance skills that prepare students for showcase performances.


Students will learning basic tap terminology, developing proper tap technique to produce clear Tap sounds, and develop their rhythm and style. Dancers will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm Tap.

The dress code for all school-age dance classes and team dancers for the 2022-2023 session is detailed below. Street clothing is not allowed in dance class.

School-age Dance Class Dress Codes

For your convenience, we are attaching a printable pdf file of the Class Dress Code with information. Additionally, class leotards are on file at Carolina Dancewear. Just give them your classes and level and they will assist you with purchasing what you need.

HAIR: Ballet students must have their hair in a bun or pulled away from the face if not able to get into a bun. For all other classes, hair must be pulled away from the face.

  • Pink, skirted leotard
  • Pink or skin tone ballet shoes (no strings)
  • White/skin tone tights

  • Leotard or unitard
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Half soles and Footundeez
  • Crop top welcome over leo/uni

  • Leotard (any color)
  • Black leggings
  • No shoes

  • Leotard or unitard
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Fitted tops
  • Crop top welcome over leo/uni
  • Clean sneakers only to be worn on dance floor

  • Leotard or unitard
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Black jazz shoes (no shoestrings)

  • Leotard or unitard
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Black taps

  • Solid shirt (white for ballet classes)
  • Solid active-wear shorts or pants (black for ballet classes)
  • Ballet Classes: Black or skin-toned ballet shoes
  • Dancenastics Classes: No shoes needed for gymnastics; black or skin-toned ballet shoes for dance.
  • Tap Classes: Black flat tap shoes
  • Jazz Classes: Black split-sole jazz shoes

  • Dance Notebook

Dance Recital 2023

Dance Recital 2023 Information will be posted here once it is finalized.

School-age Dance Class Tuition

There are three different tuition prices for our school-age dance classes. Dance/Gym combo classes are $92/month; Standard Dance Classes are $67/month. Dance class tuition will be charged through your JackRabbit Ultimate Kids account at the beginning of each month.

Our annual registration membership fee is $35. The registration fee will be charged upon initial registration and each 12 month anniversary thereafter. This annual membership entitles you to discounts on Parent's Night Out, FUNtastic Fridays, Ninja Nights, and Birthday Parties. If you are a member in good standing, you will also be allowed to register early for certain events during priority registration periods.

Please carefully read our complete tuition, billing, and all other policies in detail as you create your JackRabbit Ultimate Kids account.