School-age Dance Students Extravadance at Ultimate Kids

Extravadance @ Ultimate Kids for School-aged Dancers

We are very excited to have the Extravadance Program come to Ultimate Kids. Extravadance has offered an excellent dance program for students in the Triad for 29 years!

NOTE: Some classes listed below are available for both preschoolers and school-age students. Please check the age for the class in which you are interested before clicking through to register.

Twinkle Stars Combo
Ages 5 - 6

Ballet, Tap, Jr. Jazz - This one hour class includes three dance styles with the addition of tumbling consisting of activities and skills that pertain to dance and cheer such as flexibility, strength, and extension.

Dancenastics Combo
Ages 3 - 11

A special class at Ultimate Kids that combines Gymnastics and Dance in one class! Includes 30 minutes of gymnastics in the gymnastics gym and 30 minutes of tap & ballet.

Show Stars Combo
Ages 7 - 9

Rising Stars Combo
Ages 10 - 13

Ballet, Tap, Jazz - This 90 minute class is designed to warm-up, stretch, and begin three 30 minute technique sessions. Strength and flexiblitiy, ballet technique and barre, jazz technique, and tap technique are taught each week. Choreography for recital does not begin until around February. Combinations may be used to teach technical skills.

Hip Hop
Ages 3 - 8

This class features age appropriate Hip Hop technique and FUN for all the Dudes and Divas who want to learn the latest dance moves. So join us and Rock the House with some Hip Hop moves!!!

Musical Theater
Ages 5 - 11

Dance and Drama using music from Broadway Musicals.

Just Tap
Ages 10 - 13

Tap technique especially for those that want to further or begin their “hoofin” skills. This class will include technique, combinations and routines taught in a fun atmosphere with contemporary and classic tap tunes! This class is scheduled to be an extension of the jazz and lyrical class in the same age group and day.

Just Jazz & Lyrical Combo
Ages 10 - 13

Jazz and Lyrical Technique for Beginner to Intermediate dancers. Focus is on jazz and lyrical technique with age appropriate music and style. Ballet Barre warm-up.

School-age Dance Dress Code

5-6 combination classes: black patent tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, any kind or color of dance wear, tights are not required in the warm weather but children need to wear thin socks with their shoes if they opt for no tights!!

Ages 7-8-9 year old classes: black jazz shoes, black oxford tap shoes, pink ballet shoes. Any kind of dance wear is acceptable.

Ages 10 and up classes: black jazz shoes, black oxford tap shoes, pink ballet shoes. Any kind of dance wear is acceptable.

Cheernastics: Athletic shoes, cheer shorts or dance shorts, fitted t-shirt

Hip Hop: Athletic shoes, work out attire, sweat pants, etc.

Academy Ballet classes: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun.

* No midrifs showing.