Beautiful Jazz Dancers

Variety of Dance Class Styles Available!

In our School-Age Dance Program, we offer a wide variety of dance styles from which to choose, and fun combos of different styles in one class as well. Below are the offerings for the 2021-2022 Session.


Jazz/Ballet Class also available!

School Age Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Class offers students experience a combination of creative movement while learning or expanding their skill set in all three dance styles.

Dancers can expect to be challenged with:

  • Basic through advanced steps in two selected styles, or all three styles, depending on class selected
  • Proper terminology
  • Performance in-house and out

Beginner Ballet

Beginner Ballet is a basic class that introduces dancers to the elementary positions of classical ballet. Classes will focus on proper alignment and understanding of the foundational principles of ballet.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

This is a highly structured class that is meant to perfect the classical ballet technique. Dancers must have a minimum of 2 yrs experience and know the classical ballet terminology and technique. This class will work on the flexibility, strength, and control needed to execute ballet skills.

Beginner Jazz

Beginner Jazz class will focus on the basic foundational skills of the Jazz technique including turns, leaps, and jumps. Dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to each Jazz step.

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz

This class will focus on developing the flexibility and strength needed to perform advanced Jazz skills. Dancers must have some dance experience before taking this class and know the basic techniques of Jazz.

Beginner Tap

Beginner Tap classes will focus on learning basic terminology and technique. This class will thoroughly develop proper tap technique, produce clear Tap sounds, and coordination.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap

Intermediate/Advanced Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style, and Tap sound. Dancers will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm Tap.

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance allows the dancers to express personal emotions and explore movement that interprets the music and words. This style of dancing borrows movements and techniques from classical ballet, jazz, and various modern dance styles

Musical Theatre

Students will explore American Musical Theater and works of various actors, singers, and dancers. This class is meant to develop performance skills and prepare students for a showcase performance at the Annual Dance Recital.

Dance/Gym Combo

These classes offer the perfect way for your student to experience and expand upon both their dance and gymnastics skills!

In each Dance/Gym Combo Class, students will receive 30 minutes of dance instruction - alternating between the styles of ballet and jazz. The other 30 minutes will be instruction in the gym which will include artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and acrobatic gymnastics. This combo class offers a wonderful way for students to experience a wide variety of dance and gymnastics disciplines.

Students in all School Age Dance Classes will participate in the Annual Dance Recital at the end of the year.

Registration for 2021-2022 Now Open to the Public. School-age dance classes are based on students age as of September 1, 2021. Our registration is first come, first served. If the desired class is full, add your name to our wait list and we will contact you if a spot becomes available.